Friday, December 20, 2013

Response to this video Bathing animals is every owners worst fear. It has to be easier than this. Bigger animals are often harder to manage, but there are ways to bathe your pet without it freaking out. I think more owners should try to add fun into bath time. Play some tug of war with your dog for a little bit, or dangle some yarn to your cat. It's also good to take it slow and introduce your pet to the bathroom, even if you aren't going to bathe him. That way, your pet won't incorporate the bathroom only with the bath. Also setting the animal in the bath tub and giving him a treat, might calm the animal down, making it more used to the bathroom area. It's important for the bath giver to also remain calm, as animals can often sense fear. Baths should be regular and start when the animal is still young. That way, as the animal grows, bathing them will be easier and more efficient. A non-slippery, rubber shower mat may also be a good idea as animals often slip and feel even more uncomfortable. Teaching the animal to get in and out of the tub, can also make bathing animals easier. Instead of tugging, avoiding bites, scratches, and everything else, train pets to like baths from the start. It's a lot easier in the long run! If you have a smaller dog, using the sink might be more suitable for them, as it's not so big and there's less water pressure. For a more playful alternative, use a kitty pool and a hose (if it's a warmer day). Often animals enjoy chasing the hose. Conditioner will make less tangles, which will make everything a lot easier and the animal to brush out and handle after the bath is over.

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