Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to bathe and groom a husky


Bathing a Husky is a lot different than bathing other dogs, because their coat is so different and sensitive. Make sure to bring all the supplies needed into the bathroom before the husky is in the bathtub! Keep the water warm, not too cold, not too hot. Temperatures that are too hot, or too cold, tend to freak the husky out more. To get your husky in the bathtub, try luring him with treats! Also, if the husky is more into play time, bring some bath toys and he'll probably jump right in! A leash might help while he's in the bathtub, prevent him from running through the house, and shaking everywhere. Huskies have much more fur, so the water accumulates more. Use a sprayer to rinse your huskies fur as it will soak the coat better. If you use too much soap on your husky, it will take much more time, because huskies have double coats. Finally, dry your husky well, and use more than one towel for your furry friend. If there's nice whether outside, think about taking your husky for a walk. It would be highly beneficial so they can air dry their coat and it will naturally fall back into place. I highly recommend you follow these steps from The Nest so that your husky will have the best bath possible!


Although this looks like several different husky's fur, this is just your average ONE single grooming. Prepare yourself for a LOT of cleaning when you have a husky. offers great tips on cleaning and brands, such as Dison vacuum, which works well with husky fur. Groom Siberian huskies regularly to ensure less shedding. Many owners will groom their huskies about once a week. Siberian Huskies need regular coat maintenance, so they can look their very best!  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


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Short Story

When my family brought home a new little husky, Moose, we were all so excited to play with him, and see what he liked doing. We bought him a little pool to see if he enjoyed playing in water. It was a long shot, because usually huskies don't like to be in water. We filled it up with the hose, and Moose was very skeptical at first. He then began playing in the pool, drenched with water in less than 5 minutes. We started spraying Moose with the hose, and he got even more excited. Next time he needs a bath, I'm definitely taking him to the pool!