Friday, December 20, 2013

My Personal Experience

The first time I came over to my mom's boyfriend's house, I thought it would be a good idea to give his cat, Marty, a bath. She was really dirty. As soon as I walked into the bathroom, she started clawing at my back and trying to escape in any way she could. I finally got her in the bath tub and she started meowing and splashing around. It would have helped to know more about bathing animals at the time.  I didn't get the chance to wash her that well, and she jumped out before I could wash out all the shampoo. I ended up with several scratches all over my arms. I don't go near Marty anymore.


  1. Will you be posting things on how to bathe smaller animals?

  2. Now I understand why you chose this subject more particularly! I think that's a great idea, it could help a lot of people! I hope to see you posting about how to bathe different animals, bigger and smaller.

  3. haha how old were you i tried washing a cat once too but ya pretty much the same thing no good :p